AFI’s Davey Havok Goes Naked for PETA Campaign

PETAAFI frontman Davey Havok bares all -- well, almost -- in a new campaign for the People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA.

The campaign poster shows the tattooed musician completely naked, though some conveniently-located shadows and text obscure his, er, sensitive area. The tagline reads, "I'd rather go naked than wear leather."

"I was raised on rock 'n' roll, like many people, and the leather jacket was a part of that culture," Havok says in a video for PETA, which also shows some disturbing images of animals being harmed during leather production.

"But no article of clothing, feeling of confidence, or otherness is worth the torture or the murder of an innocent creature," he adds.

Other musicians who have supported PETA include Trent Reznor, Paul McCartney, Travis Barker and Dave Navarro.

In addition to advocating for kindness towards animals, Havok is also preparing for the release of AFI's forthcoming album AFI (The Blood Album), which drops January 20.

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