AFI’s Jade Puget Talks New Wave Influence and Title of “The Blood Album”

Concord RecordsAFI's forthcoming new album, titled AFI (The Blood Album) will be the band's 10th full-length studio effort. With a double-digit number of releases under their belt, AFI has explored a lot of different sounds, and on The Blood Album they dig deep into their new wave influences.

"There are songs like 'Above the Bridge' and 'Feed from the Floor' that have this definite Cure-esque, new wave thing going on," guitarist Jade Puget tells Alternative Press. "That kind of music is just what we listened to when growing up, and I really love that element of the record."

"When [frontman] Dave [Havok] and I write, we don't really have anything intentional," Puget adds. "These directions just come out of us for one reason or another. People have been saying that AFI is '80s for like 15 years now, so the fact there is new wave on there isn’t that surprising."

Meanwhile, the title of AFI (The Blood Album) has a bit of a '90s rock feel, since it takes a similar, if more gory, approach to Weezer's method of album naming.

"Originally, we wanted just have it self-titled because it's been 10 records and AFI has never had a self-titled record," Puget explains. "But because the album artwork has these three blood drops on the front, we just started calling it The Blood Album. So people started thinking it was the actual title, and because we didn't want to confuse anyone, we made it official."

AFI (The Blood Album) will be released January 20.

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