Avenged Sevenfold to “Rid Ourselves” of “Pyro and Fireworks” for European Tour

Credit: Jeff ForneyAvenged Sevenfold will launch a European tour this Saturday, January 7 in Dublin, Ireland. The trek is the band's first full-length run in support of their new album The Stage, a musically-complex album that tackles the subject of artificial intelligence. Frontman M. Shadows hopes to reflect the tone of the album in the tour's production.

"We're kind of gonna rid ourselves for a little bit of all the pyro and fireworks, because we don't really think it fits with this album and the vibe," Shadows tells ABC Radio. "We're gonna be doing a lot more image-mapping and...more stuff you would imagine from like a Muse or a Tool type of experience, but in our own way."

In addition to brand new production, Avenged Sevenfold will be bringing brand new songs. Having already played the album's title track lead single a handful of times live last year, Shadows thinks that the new material will translate well to the live arena.

"It has felt like we've been playing ['The Stage'] for 15 years," Shadows says. "It goes over so well live, especially when that breakdown happens in the bridge, and everyone holds up cellphones and lighters, it's just beautiful. It's so cool to play something musically satisfying but also have energy."

"I've never felt that reaction from a new song ever in our career," he adds.

Avenged Sevenfold will be coming to the U.S. later this year to headline the Carolina Rebellion festival, although the band may save their arena production for a full North American tour.

"I hope we can bring it to the United States shortly after," says Shadows. "But during the summer, if people like to watch shows outside, they like that big fireworks sorta thing, so it might have to wait [until] 2018."

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