Bassist Says New Faith No More Album Will Be “Different than Everything Else Out There”

Image Courtesy of Margaret BandaFaith No More's last album, Album of the Year, came out in 1997. Eighteen years later, the band will return with their currently untitled follow-up album, which is due out in 2015. Despite a break long enough to raise a voting age child, bassist Bill Gould says that the album will be unmistakably Faith No More.

"It’ll be much different than everything else out there -- but that’s sort of the point," Gould tells Revolver magazine of the new record. "It’s a combination of what we don’t hear in the outside world and what we feel is lacking from other bands. And in the end, it will sound like Faith No More."

Gould began recording new music on his own with the help of FNM drummer Mike Bordin and guitarist Jon Hudson after the band reunited to play live shows in 2009. Frontman Mike Patton and keyboardist Roddy Bottum then joined them in 2012, but Gould says they were a bit wary of the idea.

"There was a weird caginess they had where they didn’t want to just jump in the ring," Gould says. "I started to think we were just doing this for ourselves. Then little by little, they warmed up to it and decided to contribute more."

The first single from the new album, entitled "Motherf**ker," will be released as a limited-edition 7-inch record on November 28 as part of Record Store Day Black Friday. The album is due for release in April 2015.

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