Best of Youth: Watch five-year-old Foo Fighters fan dance on stage with bandfor compassion and understanding! There is strength in unity.”

ABC/Fred WatkinsChances are your first concert wasn't as awesome as a five-year-old kid named Taylor, who got to dance on stage with Foo Fighters during their show in Belfast Monday.

Dave Grohl and company invited the tyke -- who was holding up a sign saying "I'm Taylor aged 5 first ever gig"-- up on stage while they played "All My Life." Taylor then proceeded to put the whole audience to shame with his dance moves, all while wearing an adorable pair of oversized headphones.

Footage of Taylor's Foo Fighters dance party is streaming on social media.

Foo Fighters are currently touring the U.K. and Ireland in continued support of their latest album, 2017's Concrete and Gold. They'll be back in the U.S. in September to play the Bourbon & Beyond and Pilgrimage festivals.

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