Bishop Briggs Says “River” Is a “Good Representation” of Debut Album

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images Bishop Briggs made quite the name for herself in 2016. Her song "River" ascended all the way to the top three on Billboard's Alternative Songs chart, and her current single "Wild Horses" is bounding up the tally. Now, the musician, born Sarah Grace McLaughlin, is working on her full-length debut album.

"I think an album is all about the songs you've worked on and the journey it's taken to get there," Briggs tells ABC Radio. "So I think 'River' is definitely a good representation of what will be on the album because it's the song that started it all, and it's the first song we wrote. So the goal was to keep writing music that meant something to us, and hopefully it would connect with others."

Briggs remembers that goal every time she performs "River."

"Every single time I perform 'River,' I just feel a huge rush of adrenaline and energy, and I remember writing it," she says. "I remember those early days of fighting for something, and wanting that aggression to come across."

While "River" is a good representation of her debut album, Briggs feels she still has a few tricks up her sleeve.

"I hope I'm always surprising people, and I hope I'm always surprising myself," she says. "So stay tuned."

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