Bullet for My Valentine Recording New Album

Image Courtesy of PR BrownBullet for My Valentine has entered the studio to record the followup to their 2013 album, Temper Temper. In a Facebook post, the band says that, after a year of writing, they are ready to begin recording.

"We have the most songs we've EVER had written for an album before recording session," the post reads. "Now begins the difficult process of choosing the best of the best of them to make the cut for #BFMV5."

BFMV also revealed that they would be working with Colin Richardson, who produced their first two albums, The Poison and Scream Aim Fire.

"We listened back to those records during the writing process for this new album, we realized what a special vibe and excitement these records have, and why they're held in such high respect by our fanbase," writes the band.

Bullet for My Valentine is looking to have a busy 2015 -- in addition to recording the new album, they'll also be touring alongside Slipknot on the latter's Summer's Last Stand tour, which runs from July to September.

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