Can’t Stop: Anthony Kiedis Touring with a Torn Tendon

Credit: Steve KerosAnthony Kiedis battled a few bouts of the flu last year, which forced Red Hot Chili Peppers to cancel or postpone shows. The band is currently touring North America in support of their new album The Getaway, and while Kiedis has been flu free, he says he's suffered a number physical injuries on the trek.

"I broke my knee in the middle of this tour, and just had some surgery and fixed it up," Kiedis tells ET Canada. "At the moment, I have a torn tendon in my ankle."

"I'm always getting banged up and hurt and repairing and recovering and hurting," he adds. "It's just normal."

One thing that Kiedis is always battling, even outside of injuries and illnesses, is nerves, which he still feels before performing.

"I'd be a little bit lost without the nerves," he says. "I'd want to be borderline about ready to throw up from nerves, and then I'm ready to go."

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