Car Designed by Metallica’s James Hetfield to Appear at L.A. Auto Show

Image Courtesy of Good-Guys.comWhen James Hetfield isn't riding the lightning, he's riding the Black Pearl.  That's the name of the car the Metallica frontman designed alongside custom car builder Rick Dore.  Later this month, the Black Pearl will be hitting L.A. for the Los Angeles Auto Show.

"It is a real honor to have the Black Pearl included in this year's Los Angeles Auto Show," says Dore is a statement.

"The Black Pearl is one of those things that --- we initially had been taking other vehicles and cutting and pasting, making your own prototype in a way," adds Hetfield.  "This one we actually started from scratch.  We started with a '48 Jag and basically tried to work it, work it down to frame and build it up from scratch from a drawing. It took it to a whole new level of car building: from a drawing." 

The Los Angeles Auto Show takes place November 18-30 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  For ticket and admission information, you can visit the event's website.

One day prior to the beginning of the show, Hetfield and Metallica will begin their week-long residency on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  The band will be celebrating the soon-to-be-leaving host's tenure on the show, as well as the 10th anniversary reissue of their documentary Metallica: Some Kind of Monster.

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