Chad Kroeger Has “Lost Count” of Proposals at Nickelback Concerts

Credit: Michael MullerIs your love life on the edge of a revolution? Then perhaps you'd like to spend your Valentine's Day with the lads in Nickelback. The band will be launching a massive tour in support of their latest album, No Fixed Address, on V-Day, February 14, in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

As frontman Chad Kroeger tells ABC News Radio, proposals at Nickelback concerts are anything but a rare occurrence.

"I've lost count of how many people have held up signs behind their fiancee -- or behind their girlfriend, I should say -- with a 'Please give me the microphone, I'm going to propose to this person right here,' with the big arrow," he says. "There's been a lot."

"Some do it in the meet-and-great, some we pull up on stage," Kroeger continues. "I mean, there's a lot of people that, for some reason, they want to get married -- or, I should say engaged -- at a Nickelback concert."

A Nickelback concert will be pretty cheap date, too -- tickets to the North American No Fixed Address tour start at only $25.

"That's always been on our mind when we do live shows, make it affordable for your fans," guitarist Ryan Peake tells ABC News Radio. "[Ticket prices have] been skyrocketing these days, I'm sure everybody's noticing. So it's important for us. That's the relationship, it's us and the fans."

As for the actual Nickelback show, fans can expect a mix of No Fixed Address tracks as well as old favorites. With eight albums now under their belts, it can be difficult for the band to create an all-encompassing setlist, but Kroeger says there always has to be room for one thing.

"Oxygen is important, there's not a lot of spaces to breathe," Kroeger says, laughing. "The more songs and the more albums we put out, the harder it is for me to climb this mountain of a setlist. So, strategically sort of plotting out where I'm going to inhale is very important."

Nickelback's North American tour in support of No Fixed Address will wrap up August 29 in Atlanta, Georgia. The Pretty Reckless will be the opening band on the first leg of the tour, followed by Pop Evil and then Lifehouse. Visit for all ticket info.

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