CRX’s Nick Valensi Talks “Show-and-Tell Sessions” with The Strokes

ABC/Randy HolmesNick Valensi is a busy guy: he released his debut album with his new side project CRX, entitled New Skin, last year, and he's working with his main band, The Strokes, on their next album. Speaking with ABC Radio, Valensi says that The Strokes record is in a "very early" stage.

"The status is early, I guess, that's all I can say," he explains. "We're working on stuff, we meet every once and a while."

"We have these, I call them 'show-and-tell' sessions, 'cause it's basically, like, you go around the room and, like, 'OK, all right little Nicky, what do you have to share with the group today?'" Valensi adds. "And so everyone kind of shares their ideas and then we jam, and basically just kind of [are] recording everything. There's a lot of ideas floating around, some more concrete than others."

The Strokes haven't released a full-length album since 2013's Comedown Machine, but they did drop a four-track EP titled Future Present Past last summer. As for the next Strokes record, Valensi hopes the band will return to the studio this summer or fall.

"It's been a while, I'm excited to make another [Strokes album]," he says. "And I'm excited to make another CRX album, too. I feel like, I don't know, a new wave of energy and inspiration and productivity. So, it's exciting."

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