Don’t Forget the Lyrics: Singing the Wrong Words Might “Mess Up” Of Monsters and Men

Image Courtesy of Republic RecordsFor their new single "Empire," Of Monsters and Men are putting together a lyric video that will feature fans singing along to, and acting out, the song.  Just make sure you get those lyrics right, though: as vocalist and guitarist Ragnar Þórhallsson [THOR-uhll-sun] recalls, when fans tried to sing along to "Empire" before the album came out, they only ended up confusing him by singing the wrong words.

"It would mess me up because I'm singing the correct lyrics and then there's a person just trying to guess them, and I can see their mouth moving not the right way and it makes me mess up," Þórhallsson tells ABC Radio. "But keep doing it, everyone."

If you now know the lyrics to "Empire," submissions for the lyric video are now open through August 12 at the Of Monsters and Men website. In the meantime, the band is on tour in support of Beneath the Skin, and they'll embark on another headlining tour in the fall. While the lyrics will stay the same for each show, Þórhallsson says that the live versions of Of Monsters and Men's songs are "always changing."

"When you're doing it in the studio, it's like you're just catching that moment," he explains. "When you play [live] there are tons of other moments. It's always different."

One of the band's favorite songs to play live from Beneath the Skin is "Wolves Without Teeth," precisely because of how the song evolved from the studio version to the stage.

"It was a very hard song to finish in the studio," drummer Arnar Rósenkranz Hilmarsson tells ABC Radio. "It took a lot of patience."

Þórhallsson adds that he feels that "Wolves Without Teeth" now "makes sense" after playing it live.

"It felt weird towards the end [of recording], like it didn't quite click," he says. "But now when we play it, it feels like it's clicking. It feels right." 

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