Foo Fighters Invite Fan On Stage to Sing Rush’s “Tom Sawyer”

Credit: Hayley MaddenFoo Fighters kicked off the second leg of their North American tour Wednesday night in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada, and, as with the band's previous shows this summer, the performance held a few surprises. For their cover of Rush's "Tom Sawyer," Dave Grohl asked if someone from the crowd could sing the prog classic. A fan named Brian volunteered, and Grohl invited him on stage.

"You can do it, right?" Grohl asked Brian, referring to the song's notorious high-pitched vocals. Brian nodded, to which Grohl said, "Don't f*** it up."

"Welcome to my nightmare," Grohl joked.

Lo and behold, Brian went full-force for the high notes, which clearly impressed a smiling and laughing Grohl. "Dude, that was f****** amazing!" Grohl exclaimed after the performance. You can watch fan-shot footage of Brian's rendition of "Tom Sawyer" on YouTube.

Throughout their tour this summer, Foo Fighters have invited many guest singers to play with them, including Godsmack's Sully Erna and even Grohl's orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Lew Schon.

Foo Fighters' tour continues tonight, August 13, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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