Gavin Rossdale’s divorce “obviously informs” Bush’s new album, “Black and White Rainbows”

Credit: Lionel DeluyBush's new album Black and White Rainbows is the band's first to be released since frontman Gavin Rossdale's divorce from his ex-wife, No Doubt's Gwen Stefani. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Rossdale says that his divorce "obviously informs the record."

"It's hard to separate yourself from the most monumental thing that happens in your life if you're an artist," he says.

Rossdale adds that he wrote a handful of songs immediately after his divorce, but he didn't think they were "right" for the album.

"They were written for me to write, in the purest sense," he explains. "Just to write to kind of escape my life a little bit or to understand it."

In the end, Rossdale's personal life is certainly reflected in Black and White Rainbows, but it doesn't necessarily take over the album completely.

"I just tried to be mindful of having elements of my own life and then elements of things going on around us," he continued. "Because you can't be so self-absorbed that you just write stuff about yourself."

Black and White Rainbows will be released March 10.

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