Glass Animals take on a new character with “Pork Soda”

Credit: Neil KrugGlass Animals premiered the video for their current single "Pork Soda" this week, and, just like the visuals for the tracks "Life Itself," "Youth" and "Season 2 Episode 3," it stars a character from the cover of the band's latest album, How to Be a Human Being.

"All of the people that you see on the album cover are actors," frontman Dave Bayley tells ABC Radio. "We cast an actor for each of the songs, basically, and did a family portrait, and did individual portraits, as well, for single covers. We cast them as actors instead of models so we could use them in the videos."

With a new character for each song on How to Be a Human Being, Bayley found himself altering his voice to fit each perspective.

"These characters, you kind of get into their heads a bit," he says. "There a lot of different uses of different voices on the record."

As for the character behind "Pork Soda," Bayley describes him as "basically a hobo who's really cracked out." To record that character, Bayley explains, the band "all sat around one microphone and just screamed."

Glass Animals will be touring in support of How to Be a Human Being this spring and summer, including stops at Coachella and Bonnaroo.

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