Good Lorde! She’s back with new song “Green Light” and new album “Melodrama”

LAVA/Republic RecordsWelcome back, Lorde!  The New Zealand singer has returned with a brand-new single, "Green Light," from her forthcoming sophomore album, Melodrama.

As Lorde promised, the song will definitely make you dance.  It's an upbeat song, but it seems to be about a breakup, with Lorde singing, "Honey, I'll be seeing you down every road/'Cause honey I'll come get my things but I can't let go/Oh, I wish I could get my things and just let go."

The song was produced by Lorde, Frank Dukes and Jack Antonoff, the fun. guitarist who's worked extensively with Lorde's pal Taylor Swift.  The video, which you can now watch on YouTube, shows Lorde, wearing a purple dress and sneakers, going out on the town in a car with a driver.  She hangs out the window, dances on top of the car and dances her way down the street listening to the song.  As dawn arrives, she's on a bridge over a highway, leaning against a fence. 

The song ends with her singing the song's repeated chant: "I'm waiting for it/that green light/I want it.

"Lorde will perform "Green Light" on Saturday Night Live March 11.

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