Green Day Reveals Status of Lost “Cigarettes and Valentines” Album

ABC/Fred LeeBack in 2003, Green Day was working on an album tentatively titled Cigarettes and Valentines. When they were almost finished with the album, the recordings were stolen from the studio. Instead of attempting to re-record Cigarettes and Valentines, Green Day decided to begin work on an entirely new album, which would become American Idiot.

Green Day eventually recovered some of the stolen recordings, and frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has revealed the status of the lost album.

"It's pretty much in the vault right now," Armstrong tells NME. "There was the one song, 'Cigarettes and Valentines,' that we brought out live, I don't know, we'll see if any of that stuff ends up seeing the light of day."

Adds bassist Mike Dirnt, "There's always a lot in the vault, but we tend to look forward rather than reaching back."

That doesn't mean a Cigarettes and Valentines song couldn't pop up in the future, as Green Day has dipped into the vault before.

"There's one song that was written a long time ago that's on the new record [Revolution Radio] called 'Youngblood,'" Armstrong says. "And that got a facelift and new lyrics and stuff like that."

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