Grouplove Addresses Old Fans and New Family Members on “Welcome to Your Life”

ABC/Randy HolmesGrouplove's new track "Welcome to Your Life," the lead single from their new album Big Mess, serves two purposes: to reintroduce the band three years after the release of their last record, and to introduce themselves to Willa, the newborn daughter of vocalists Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi.

"['Welcome to Your Life' is] perfectly indicative of us kinda stepping up to the plate again," guitarist Andrew Wessen tells ABC Radio. "It had been a minute since we had been out on the field, so to speak, so it seemed like the perfect message and sentiment for a song."

"Also given the welcoming of a new member of our family, quite literally, it seemed like the perfect song to introduce...reintroduce us," he adds.

Right off the bat, "Welcome to Your Life" makes Grouplove's intentions clear with the opening line "We're back in business, you're such a big mess."

"It was just such a good line, and so memorable," says bassist Dan Gleason. "It seemed apropos to what they were going through, that finding inspiration in that chaos of their home and Hannah being pregnant, and just sort of the turmoil of all of those sorts of life experiences."

The song's chorus then came together at a serendipitous moment.

"[Drummer] Ryan [Rabin], the day that Willa was born, wrote the chorus -- the 'Welcome to your life, this could be your fantasy' -- in the shower while he knew that Hannah was giving birth," Gleason remembers. "So it just kinda took those two things and they fit together, which is pretty incredible, you know? It doesn't always work like that." 

Big Mess is out now.

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