Imagine Dragons Fan Finds Autographed Merchandise Buried in Nevada Desert

Image Courtesy of KIDinaKORNER/Interscope RecordsIf you look closely at the cover of Imagine Dragons' forthcoming sophomore album, Smoke + Mirrors, you might notice a pattern. One devoted fan named Lindsea deciphered that pattern: it was a group of coordinates which corresponded to a location in the Nevada desert. Contacting family that lived in the area, she led them to a treasure trove of Imagine Dragons goodies.

"They discovered buried treasure in the Nevada desert, including a signed guitar that [guitarist] Wayne [Sermon] played for years, signed drumsticks and Polaroids, and a Master Tour Pass granting her two tickets to every single Smoke + Mirrors Tour show," writes the Nevada-based band in a Facebook post.

The post also mentions "many more big surprises to come soon."

These past few weeks have been good for miraculous music discovery. In December, two people found a long-lost single by Jack White's old band The Upholsterers hidden in furniture.

Smoke + Mirrors will be released on February 17.

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