Jack White has a private bowling alley with a ball dedicated to Bob Dylan

ABC/Nicole WilderJack White reveals a few secrets about his home in a new profile from The New Yorker. One of the more amusing tidbits in the article is that White has his own private bowling alley in his home in Nashville, which is stocked with bowling balls dedicated to his friends, one of which being Bob Dylan.

"Each dedicated ball has a name tag, and some of the balls are painted fancifully," The New Yorker's Alec Wilkinson writes. "Bob Dylan's has a portrait of John Wayne."

According to the profile, White also owns a variety of rare collectibles, including legendary bluesman Leadbelly's New York City arrest record, and an issue of Action Comics No. 1 from 1938, which is where Superman makes his first appearance.

Elsewhere in the story, White speaks about his aspirations to direct movies. Apparently, he's "disappointed at losing the opportunity" to direct a film about White Boy Rick, a Detroit drug dealer and F.B.I. informant. According to IMDB, there's a movie about White Boy Rick starring Matthew McConaughey currently in pre-production.

Last month, White's Third Man Records opened its own vinyl pressing plant in Detroit, called Third Man Pressing.

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