Jack White Reupholsters Couch for Sam Phillips Recording Studio in Memphis

ABC/Nicole WilderWhile he's taking a break from the road, Jack White has decided to go back to one of his first jobs: upholstery.

The musician recently reupholstered a couch for the famed Sam Phillips Recording studio in Memphis, which has recorded artists including Robert Plant, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. You can view a picture of White working on the couch now on Instagram.

When White used to work as an upholsterer in Detroit, he was mentored by coworker and fellow musician Brian Muldoon. The pair the started a band, aptly named The Upholsterers, and they hid vinyl copies of their second single in reupholstered furniture without telling customers. In 2014, two separate people found copies of the single in their furniture.

Earlier this year, White released Jack White Acoustic Recordings: 1998-2016, a compilation of the musician's unplugged works.

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