Korn Remembers the Making of Their Debut Album: “[We Were] Out of Our Minds Drunk”

Image Courtesy of Prospect ParkKorn is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut, self-titled album this year. To commemorate the milestone, the band conducted an oral history of Korn for Rolling Stone. As one might expect, there were a lot of memories of partying and alcohol.

"It was one big f**king party. Always just out of our minds drunk," frontman Jonathan Davis remembers. "By the time it was bedtime, we were just hammered."

"I think I slept in Jon's vocal booth sometimes, and then I slept outside in the drum room," says guitarist Brian "Head" Welch.

Davis adds a few details about his musical past -- like that he wasn't originally a fan of metal and that he loved Duran Duran -- but the biggest takeaway from the piece is about his relationship with Korn's producer, Ross Robinson.

"He's a f**king sadistic bastard, that motherf**ker. I love him, though; don't get me wrong. But yeah, I think it gets him off," Davis says. "He had his way and was digging in to me and pulling s**t out. I was already writing stuff about it, but to get the performance out, he really just poured salt on the wound."

"It was simply 100 percent belief in everything he was saying and 100 percent loyalty to being in an extremely comfort place for him, where he felt so safe with me that nothing bad would ever happen," Robinson explains.

That relationship helped foster one of the most famous moments on Korn -- the song "Daddy," which features four-minutes of Davis sobbing in his vocal booth.

"[For, 'Daddy,' I remember] just telling Jon, 'You know what to do.' That's all I said," remembers Robinson.

"It was just a special moment that I did not know was being recorded, for one, because Ross is a pr**k and kept the f**kin' tape running," adds Davis.

Welch remembers thinking that Davis was just kidding around.

"It was one of the most intense things I ever witnessed in my life," he says. "It was so crazy; I thought [Davis] was joking at first 'cause he was really bawling and everything. But it was very, very intense."

"I remember that moment, when I came out of there, and I was f**king sobbing, my whole band was crying, and they just all hugged me and s**t," says Davis. "It was a crazy f**king experience...It was the good ol' days, dude."

You can read the entire oral history of Korn on Rolling Stone.

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