Lars Ulrich promises “crazy and overwhelming” production for Metallica’s stadium tour

ABC/Randy HolmesMetallica will spend their summer touring stadiums across the U.S. on their first full-length North American tour in eight years, in support of their new album Self-Destruct, and drummer Lars Ulrich promises the shows will be "awesome."

"I'm just excited about the fact that that's still possible to go out and play stadiums 36 years into a career and that people give a s***," Ulrich tells Rolling Stone.

As for the tour's production, Ulrich says he and Metallica have "a couple of things up our sleeves."

"It's big and it's just f****** crazy and overwhelming and there are a few bells and whistles that are gonna make it unique," Ulrich says.

"You want to make the shows into events," he adds. "We've got a few things, obviously, that are tied into the record and a few different bits and tugs that's gonna make it fun."

Metallica's North American stadium tour kicks off May 10 in Baltimore. Avenged Sevenfold, Volbeat and Gojira will provide support on the tour.

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