Marilyn Manson Says He Created the Term “Grunge”

Image Courtesy of Jiro Schneider Marilyn Manson has given the world a lot -- after all, he is the "Antichrist Superstar." In an interview with Noisey, Manson claims to have bestowed another gift upon planet Earth: the term "grunge."

Manson says he thought up "grunge," which became the catch-all term to describe the bands of the late '80's/early '90's Seattle alternative rock scene, when he was working as a music journalist.

"I hated rock n’ roll when I started," Manson remembers. "It was on the cusp of grunge and a lot of bands that I used to call 'commonist rock' because everyone wanted to be like the common man with the flannel shirts and Pearl Jam and their fight against Ticketmaster and all this horse s**t."

"Nirvana was different," he continues. "That was one of the bands I covered first as a journalist and I’m just going to go ahead and say I coined the term 'grunge' in a review of Bleach. You’re welcome."

Manson's new album The Pale Emperor -- which sports a particularity grungey single in "Third Day of a Seven Day Binge" -- will be released on January 20.

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