Modern Rockers Answer the Question: Lennon or McCartney?

Image Courtesy of CBS Photography 1965It's a question that music fans have pondered for decades -- which Beatles singer/songwriter do you prefer, John Lennon or Paul McCartney?  Now, a fascinating video put together by Scared Goose Productions has been posted online that gathers audio and video footage of 550 musicians, actors and other celebrities responding to the question.

The responses reportedly were gathered over the course of the last 10 years. Among the well-known modern rock artists that ventured an opinion were members of Arctic Monkeys, Imagine Dragons, Nickelback, Metallica, Cage the Elephant, Paramore, Death Cab for Cutie, My Chemical Romance, Mumford & Sons, Rise Against, The Killers, AWOLNATION, Fall Out Boy, The Lumineers, Against Me! and Three Days Grace.

A tally of the responses appearing at the end of the 34-minute-long video shows that Lennon garnered 282 votes, while McCartney got 196.  Not surprisingly, there were some dissenters amongst the people polled, with 15 picking George Harrison and four choosing Ringo Starr. Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich went way off the grid and chose Oasis.

Fifty people either chose both John and Paul or neither, or didn't answer at all.

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