Muse Releases “Drones” Single, “Dead Inside”

Credit: Danny ClinchMuse has released "Dead Inside," the new single from their forthcoming album, Drones. The track's lyric video is now streaming on YouTube.

"This is where the story of the album begins," says frontman Matt Bellamy of "Dead Inside." "Where the protagonist loses hope and becomes 'Dead Inside', therefore vulnerable to the dark forces introduced in 'Psycho' and which ensue over the next few songs on the album, before eventually defecting, revolting and overcoming these dark forces later in the story."

"Dead Inside" follows the expletive-laden "Psycho" as the second track to be released from Drones, although "Dead Inside" is the album's "official" single. While "Psycho" felt more like a return-to-your-roots rock song, "Dead Inside" keeps more to the sonic spectrum of Muse's last two albums.

Drones will be released on June 9.

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