NOFX’s Fat Mike Decks Overzealous Fan During Concert

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty ImagesNOFX singer/bassist Fat Mike Burkett punched and kicked a concertgoer in the face Wednesday during the band's show in Sydney, Australia, after the overzealous fan jumped on stage and put his arm around Mike's neck.

Earlier, Burkett had told the crowd at the Enmore Theatre that he was suffering from neck pain. 

A video taken by another concertgoer shows Burkett reacting to the fan putting his arm on the punk rocker's neck by simultaneously backhanding and tripping the guy, knocking him off his feet, then apparently kicking him in the face after he falls to the ground.

There won't be any fallout as a result of the incident, however. The two settled everything very amicably on Twitter.

"No worries mike," the fan, whose name is Alex, tweeted. "i completely forgot you mentioned your neck hurting, I was way too drunk."

Burkett replied, "I'm sorry too Alex, I was in terrible pain all night. When you grabbed me by the neck I defensively reacted... offensively."

Burkett even offered to buy Alex a beer, if he comes to the band's show on Friday, quipping, "Just don't throw it at me alright."

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