Panic! at the Disco’s Brendon Urie Talks the Awkwardness of Auditions: “It’s So Much Pressure”

Credit: Sherwin LainezFrom the moment that they dropped their "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" video, it was clear that Panic! at the Disco had a theatrical streak. That's continued throughout the band's career -- the band's new video for "LA Devotee," for example, stars frontman Brendon Urie as a cult leader and features Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp. As it turns out, Urie has looked into acting himself.

"I've done a couple auditions in the past," he tells ABC Radio. "But those are so awkward."

"You walk into a room, there's maybe three to nine people that you don't know, and you just have to be on all the time," Urie explains of the audition process. "You just have to make them laugh and hope that they like you. It's so much pressure."

Urie adds that auditions are like a very particular kind of job interview.

"A job interview where you have to make the guy interviewing you laugh the whole time," he says. "Impress them so much, tell them funny stories, sing well, act well. Yeah, it's a lot of pressure."

Even with the awkwardness and pressure of auditions, Urie is still open to continue pursing acting.

"Yeah, why not?" he laughs.

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