Passion Pit Announces New Album, “Kindred”

Image Courtesy of Jason Nocito/Columbia RecordsPassion Pit has been teasing a new album for the last month, and now that album has a title: Kindred. The band tweeted a link to their website,, which redirects to a new site, Before the announcement, the Passion Pit website displayed the message "under construction."

Along with the web address, Passion Pit also released a 12-second teaser for Kindred, called "That flickering light's just a flame." The short video features two children holding hands before a sunset. The screen then goes black and the words "Passion Pit" flash briefly. You can watch the teaser on YouTube.

Leading up the official Kindred announcement, Passion Pit posted a few messages in Morse code -- the first one simply reads "kindred," while the second reads, "I put my hands to the air and my knees to the ground," referring perhaps to the lyrics from one of the songs on Kindred.

Kindred will be released in April. Passion Pit's last album was 2012's Gossamer, which peaked at number four on the Billboard 200.

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