Police Quote Oasis Song Titles to Recover Stolen Painting of the Band

Image Courtesy of Jamie FryEarlier this week, a painting of Oasis was stolen from an art gallery in Greater Manchester, England. To catch the thieves, Greater Manchester Police Constable Katherine Gosling has issued a statement quoting the titles from the Oasis songs "The Masterplan" and "Some Might Say."

"Quite what the master plan behind this theft is I don't know, but a local business has been broken into and a one of a kind piece of art work taken," says Gosling. "This was the only piece taken and some might say we are therefore looking for an Oasis fan - similarly it may have been stolen to order. Regardless we are keen to find it and return it."

"If you have any information about the person responsible, have seen the artwork or are offered it, please get in touch," she continues.

The statement concludes by asking anyone with any information to contact the police.

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