Rivers Cuomo Says There’s “No Point” in Comparing Weezer’s New Album to Debut

Image Courtesy of Emily ShurSince they released their self-titled debut album in 1994, now know as "The Blue Album," Weezer's career has seemingly been made up of endless comparisons to the band's debut. In their newest album, Everything Will Be Alright in the End, Rivers Cuomo addresses those criticisms in the song "Back to the Shack" by promising to "[rock] out like it’s ’94." Really, though, Cuomo says the comparisons to "The Blue Album" don't really matter to him.

"I think most fans now are treating this record as its own thing. It’s beautiful and amazing, and there’s no point in comparing it to any other record," he tells New York magazine's Vulture. "That’s certainly the way we felt when we were making it -- and I think people who are caught up in comparing one album to another probably aren’t in the core community we care about."

"Back to the Shack" also includes a line about how "disco sucks." Cuomo says that the line is supposed to be in quotation marks to signify it's sarcasm.

"Maybe this is a generational thing again, but that was a popular slogan at the end of the disco area," he says. "I don’t know … it’s in quotation marks because it’s not necessarily true for me. The speaker in that song is a little shifty, I’ve got to admit."

You can read the entire interview on Vulture's website.

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