SHAED reveals the fantastical origin behind band’s name

Credit: Shervin Lainez After hitting number one on Billboard's Alternative Songs chart with "Trampoline," Shaed is climbing back up the ranking with the new single, "Thunder."

Since it appears that the Washington, D.C. trio -- made up of lead vocalist Chelsea Lee and multi-instrumentalist brothers Max and Spencer Ernst -- is here to stay, perhaps you should learn the fantastical story of the group's name.

"We all live together, and we kinda pass around books like a book club," Lee tells ABC Radio. We found this book that we really loved called [The] Name of the Wind. It's part of a series, fantasy novel."

In The Name of the Wind, by author Patrick Rothfuss, there's an item called a 'shaed,' spelled just like the band's name.

"It's a cloak woven by a goddess, and it's made out of shadow and light," Lee explains. "So we really liked that concept, it was very cool."

Lee and her band mates are big fans of other fantasy series, too.

"I love Harry Potter, and I love Lord of the Rings," she says. "This fantasy novel in particular is kind of a combination of the two."

SHAED will launch a headlining tour this fall starting September 30 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can also catch them live at a number of upcoming festivals, including Bumbershoot, Music Midtown and Voodoo.

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