The Decemberists Sing YouTube User Comments During Kimmel Appearance

Autumn DeWildeOn Thursday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live! Kimmel welcomed musical guest The Decemberists, days after Monday's release of their seventh studio album, What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World

The Portland-based group not only performed to close the show, they also took part in a sketch based on viral videos.

Kimmel explained he was a fan of the group because, "they write interesting, very intelligent songs about uncommon subjects," and joked their latest album is no exception: they wrote an entire album made up of, "real YouTube comments set gloriously to music."  

With the band singing the comments as if they were lyrics, fans were treated to such ditties as "Cute Pandas on a Slide," -- "Yeah, cute now/But they'll eat your ass/If they're hungry enough" -- and "Horrible Boat Crashes #1," which featured the lyrics, "Oh my gosh/Oh my gosh/Oh my gosh/No Way!"

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