The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne Talks Working with Miley Cyrus and the Meaning of “Oczy Mlody”

Warner Bros. RecordsThe Flaming Lips release their new album Oczy Mlody today. If you don't know what that means, you're not alone -- even the band didn't know what it meant at first. They then found out that this random Polish phrase actually meant "eyes of the young," but they were mainly focused on the silliness.

"The title kinda sounds like it could be a Star Wars of the lizard monsters that drives a spaceship, his name could be 'Oczy Mlody,'" frontman Wayne Coyne tells ABC Radio. "It's just a nonsensical, funny sound. So we liked it for that reason, but then it has this other meaning, which is quite cool. So then it really started to work for us."

Oczy Mlody is The Flaming Lips' first album since 2013's The Terror, though the band did collaborate with pop star Miley Cyrus on her 2015 album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz. Working with Cyrus was a freeing process for The Lips, and influenced the approach to their new album.

"Just working, working, working and not knowing how to refine it, or should we refine it, I think it really helped us," Coyne says.

The Lips reunited with Cyrus for Oczy Mlody's closing track "We a Famly," which ends the album on an optimistic note.

"It's just dorky enough and just simple enough that you can walk away liking it and not worry about the depths of its meaning too much, and that to me is a great triumph," Coyne says.

"Sometimes I think music and songs do that, where they wanna tell you something that's so important, eh, you just don't care that much," he adds. "And sometimes music is not trying to be important at all and it just resonates with you, and you can sing along all day."

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