Thurston Moore Calls Media Coverage of Divorce “Humiliating”

Image Courtesy of Dey Street BooksThurston Moore was not happy with the coverage in the media of his divorce from former Sonic Youth band mate Kim Gordon.

“Yeah, it’s embarrassing,” Moore tells The Guardian of the media coverage. “It’s humiliating. It affects people close to me in certain ways -- my family, the woman I’m in love with. It can be really degrading and I try to be philosophical about it. As soon as I put the [laptop] lid down and walk out the door, it’s not there.”

Moore was just as surprised as he was embarrassed.

“I’m in an alternative experimental rock band, for God’s sake. Big f**king deal,” he says.

Gordon, meanwhile, is gearing up to tell her side of the story in her upcoming memoir Girl in a Band, which includes an "examination of what partnership means -- and what happens when it dissolves." Girl in a Band will hit shelves February 24, 2015.

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