Tim Commerford Talks Voting, Wakrat and Why Metallica Should Take Him on Tour

Credit: Travis ShinnTim Commerford has never voted for president, and that won't change today. The Rage Against the Machine bassist's own voting mantra is "think global, vote local."

"You can make a difference voting on propositions and for your local government," Commerford tells ABC Radio. "But when it comes to presidents, I'm just not a believer."

Instead of voting for president, Commerford will spend Election Day celebrating the release of his new band Wakrat's self-titled debut album, which arrives on digital platforms today. Wakrat's sound is rooted equally in punk and jazz, and Commerford feels the result is something Rage fans will enjoy.

"It's guitar, bass, drums and vocals, it's real, it's played front to back, the takes were honest," Commerford says. "It's angry, and it pulls no punches, and we fight on stage, and I think Rage fans dig all that."

You'll certainly find anger in Wakrat's song "Generation F*****," which paints quite a bleak portrait of the future. If that sentiment seems familiar, Metallica's new song "Hardwired" similarly declares "We're so f*****." Too similar, if you ask Commerford.

"I think it's just a little too...I mean, the lyrics are pretty damn close," he says. "Although I love the Wakrat lyrics a lot more."

Commerford isn't really upset about it, though, but he has an idea on how Metallica can smooth the situation over.

"Oddly enough I got a text from Lars Ulrich like when I released the first Wakrat single, 'Knucklehead,'" he says. "And I've been sort of waiting on calling him and going, 'OK dude, now you've fully plagiarized my band, so, like, you need to give me an opening spot on your tour.' Like, that's a call that I'm going to make."

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