Tom DeLonge Says He Hopes to Release New Blink-182 Album Next Summer

Image Courtesy of Estevan Oriol/DGCBlink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge is hoping the band's new album will get a summer release.

"I am hoping that we can get this thing out by summer, but we will see," he tells Wondering Sound.

As for when Blink-182 will actually start recording the album, DeLonge says the band will be in the studio soon.

"We actually have our very first big writing session coming here in the next few weeks where we’ll get together and lay down our first tracks," he says.

DeLonge's other band, Angels and Airwaves, is gearing up for the release of their new album, The Dream Walker, which is due out in December. The album tells the story of fictional character Poet Anderson, and it will be accompanied an animated short film, a comic book series, novels and even a live-action feature film.

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