Tool’s Adam Jones felt “anxiety” over Maynard James Keenan being blamed for album wait

Credit: Travis ShinnIf you thought the wait for the new Tool album was long, then imagine actually being in the band.

Speaking to Revolver, guitarist Adam Jones says that the 13-year gap between 2006's 10,000 Days and the upcoming Fear Inoculum didn't make him feel any "pressure," but it did make him feel uncomfortable about certain things.

"I felt anxiety because they would blame our singer, and it's not his fault," Jones says, referring to frontman Maynard James Keenan. "We all have our own things going on --  lives, families, other projects, other interests -- so [the album is] ready when it's ready."

Keenan in particular has been busy outside of Tool, with his wine business as well as his work with the bands A Perfect Circle and Puscifer.

Jones adds that he does "appreciate" the loyalty of Tool fans, who have a reputation for being, well, intense.

"I appreciate the dedication from our fans -- the very strong dedication," Jones laughs. "But the record turned out cool and it's very different than our last record. I think that's what we all wanted."

Fear Inoculum arrives August 30.

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