Trent Reznor Discusses Golden Globe Nominated “Gone Girl” Soundtrack

Image Courtesy of The Fun StarTrent Reznor and Atticus Ross' Gone Girl soundtrack marks the duo's third collaboration with director David Fincher. The score also give them their third Golden Globe nomination, following a nomination for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo soundtrack, and a win for The Social Network's.

"Our role becomes really trying to get inside his head to see what vision he has for the role of music to play in his films," Reznor says of working with Fincher in a video for Deadline Hollywood. That's an interesting way of putting it, given that the opening scene of Gone Girl has Nick Dunne, played by Ben Affleck, fantasizing about about learning everything that's inside his wife's head.

"We're so lucky with [Fincher] in the sense that he does want the music to be a character in the film," adds Ross.

Reznor and Ross also worked together in Nine Inch Nails -- Ross worked on NIN's 2005 comeback album, With Teeth. Their first soundtrack together was for Fincher's The Social Network.

"We experiment with different textures and decide what instruments we want to use and how we want to go about composing and then try to relate to different emotions and feelings that we’ve gotten from the script, and what little we’ve seen of the film," Reznor says of the score-composing process.

The Golden Globes will air on January 11. Other rockers to receive nominations include Patti Smith, Lorde and Lana Del Rey.

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