X Ambassadors are “working hard on our next record,” says frontman

ABC/Paula LoboX Ambassadors have shared an update on the progress of their next album. As frontman Sam Harris tells Billboard, the band is "working hard" on the follow-up to their 2015 effort, VHS.

"We have a ton of songs and we’re so excited about this new material," says Harris. "It's some of the best stuff I feel like I've written for a very long time."

"It's going to be a little bit of a departure from what you would expect from X Ambassadors as you know us," he adds.

Lyrically, Harris says that the new songs have more of a political tone, even if that wasn't a purposeful direction.

"It's weird, whenever I make a conscious effort to write about something, it doesn't end well," he explains. "But unconsciously, things have definitely been coming out in this new music that are I guess political you could say, but not too heavy-handed."

X Ambassadors will headline a benefit show for Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles on March 7. This summer, the band will be playing the SunFest, Shaky Knees and Forecastle festivals.

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