AWOLNATION’s Aaron Bruno Basks in the Glory of His “Game of Thrones” Prediction, but Not for Long

ABC/Randy Holmes(SPOILERS AHEAD) AWOLNATION's Aaron Bruno previously told ABC Radio that he thought that the beloved character Jon Snow would be brought back to life in this season of Game of Thrones. His prediction turned out to be correct, as Jon was resurrected in last week's episode. While he got that part right, he's not so sure what's in store for the rest of the season.

"Yeah, I called it, but it was kind of an obvious call," Bruno now tells ABC Radio. "But who knows what [Jon] being alive means?"

"Is [Jon] half dead, is he kinda like The Mountain cruising around?" the singer continues, referring to the monstrous bodyguard of Cersei Lannister. "I don't know. Is he gonna be more evil? I hope not, who knows? But so far the first two have been great, I think."

While he's happy that Jon Snow is back, Bruno has learned from past Game of Thrones seasons not to get his hopes too high.

"So far a lot of good stuff's happened, but I'm always bracing for the worst possibility at all times now," he tells ABC Radio.

The next episode of Game of Thrones airs tonight, May 8 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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