Chris Cornell Says He’s “Always Open” to Playing with Audioslave

Credit: Ethan A. RussellWhen Chris Cornell officially announced his departure from Audioslave in 2007, he said that he was "permanently leaving" the Soundgarden/Rage Against the Machine venture. However, it now appears that he has softened that stance.

"They were great guys, and I really enjoyed the experience that I had with them," Cornell tells Total Guitar, referring to his Audioslave band mates Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk. "I would always be open to doing something."

Audioslave released three albums, concluding with 2006's Revelations. The band notched number-one singles on both Billboard's Alternative Songs and Mainstream Rock Songs charts with Audioslave's "Like a Stone" and Out of Exile's "Be Yourself." Since Cornell left Audioslave, Rage Against the Machine briefly got back together for a reunion tour, while Soundgarden reunited and released King Animal, their first album in 16 years.

"We did a lot of songs, and with the benefit of not having done anything with those guys for so long, I can't imagine what it would be," Cornell says. "It would be a really amazing experience just to get back and work with the same guys again."

"We were certainly a prolific group of people," he adds. "We wrote three whole albums in around five years, maybe less. And these were albums that were raw, and we had extra material, and we just never seemed to have trouble ever trying to agree on what would come out of the songs."

Cornell is embarking on a solo acoustic tour this fall in support of his upcoming album, Higher Truth, which will be released on September 18. Perhaps Morello, Commerford and Wilk will meet up with Cornell on tour and stage an acoustic Audioslave reunion.

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