Conor Oberst, Jenny Lewis Want Jack White to Release Old Collaboration as an “Edible”

Image Courtesy of Team Love RecordsConor Oberst and Jenny Lewis want to hop on the novelty record bandwagon, and they think Jack White can help.

In a video for Noisey, Oberst and Lewis, who were both on the Saddle Creek record label during Lewis' days as the frontwoman for Rilo Kiley, revealed that they made a collaborative album in 2003 with the Bob Dylan-inspired title Blood on the 4-Tracks. Lewis than asked Oberst if he'd be open to releasing their collaboration.

"I'd be into it, as long as it's some sort of edible seven-inch or something," he said. "We can talk to Jack [White] about making us an edible."

"Yeah, we want a fruit roll-up seven inch of Blood on the 4-Tracks," Lewis responded.

White, who has experience with novelty records, has previously released a single via balloons and a record that spins from the inside out.

Also in the video, Oberst and Lewis discuss when they first met and when Elliott Smith passed away. You can watch their entire conversation on YouTube.

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