Dave Grohl Says Leg Injury “Could Have Been a Lot Worse”

Credit: Hayley MaddenDespite breaking his leg just a month ago, Dave Grohl is charging ahead with the Foo Fighters' summer North American tour. With the tour now in full swing, Grohl has given an update on the status of his injury.

"I'm starting to do a little bit of rehab exercise and the cast is off," he tells Rolling Stone. "The swelling's down. The pain's gone. It's just a matter of getting those kick-drum muscles back, man. I can't f**kin' lose those. That's important to me. So I'm sitting here, moving it around, doing my exercise as we speak. So it's OK."

"I could have done some real damage," Grohl adds. "This is pretty gnarly, but it could have been a lot worse."

On the tour, Grohl has performed from an elaborate, guitar-adorned Foo Fighters throne, which he says he was "high as a f**king kite" when he designed. Grohl seems to be having fun at the expense of his injury, even performing guitar solos using his cast.

"The shows are the easiest part of my whole day," Grohl says. "The rest of the time, I'm hobbling around trying to brush my teeth and pack my bags and walk down the street and get a cup of coffee. The challenge is the other 21 hours of the day. But I'm good. I'm just taking it one day at a time."

"I've always appreciated the challenges of life," he adds. "I'm up for a challenge. I'll f**king take it. And this is a big one, but I'm in it to win it."

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