Dave Grohl Says “People Have Forgotten What It’s Like to Really Rock Out” Because of Computers

Image Courtesy of ABCDave Grohl isn't the biggest fan of technology. At the 2012 Grammys, Grohl famously said, "The human element of music is what's important," and later clarified that statement by saying, "Some of these great advances [in technology] have taken the focus off of the actual craft of performance." Now, he says that computers have made us forget one important thing: how to rock out.

"People have forgotten what it’s like to really rock out because they spend all day in front of a freakin’ computer, which they hail as the new god," he tells Red Bulletin. They seriously think technology can make them rich, if they stumble on something new. But I’m telling you: technology might make you rich, yet it will never make you happy."

If you share Grohl's anti-computer stance, you may also appreciate his "Beat the Bots Box-Office Only" pre-sale for the upcoming 2015 Foo Fighters tour. The idea is to combat online ticket scalpers by having people physically line up at box offices around the country. A list of box office locations can be found on the Foo Fighter website.

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