Dave Grohl Wants His Own Music Festival

Image Courtesy of ABC/Travis BellIf the documentary series Sonic Highways is any indication, Dave Grohl knows a lot of musicians. His standing in today's rock scene might make him seem like the perfect person to start a new music festival. During a press conference in London, Grohl discussed that very idea.

"You know what? We're already kinda doing our own thing," Grohl said, according to NME. "The Fourth of July next year is the 20th anniversary of our first record coming out. So years ago I thought, 'You know what I wanna do, I wanna play the stadium in the town I grew up.' I thought 'RFK Stadium in Washington D.C. That’s where we need to celebrate our 20th anniversary on the 4th of July.'"

Grohl went on to describe how the upcoming Washington D.C. stadium show made him think he could have his own festival.

"That date was the day the first [Foo Fighters] record came out [in 1995] so we put together this insane bill like Buddy Guy and LL Cool J, and Joan Jett and Trombone Shorty and there's f**king fireworks and I'm leading a motorcycle rally into the stadium," he said. "The whole thing is just completely insane and so we put the whole thing together and it sold like 40,000 tickets in a day or whatever and I thought, 'F**k, I should, I should have my own festival and have it every year.'"

Tickets are now on sale for the July 4 show at RFK Stadium, which also features Heart and Gary Clark Jr. Perhaps we'll get more details on the prospective Grohlfest after that show.

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