Fall Out Boy Releases Video for “Centuries”

Image Courtesy of Crush ManagementIt may seem like Foo Fighters week, with the their Late Show residency and the debut tonight of Sonic Highways, but Fall Out Boy has had a pretty good week, too. So far, the band released "Immortals," which will appear on the Big Hero 6 soundtrack, and frontman Patrick Stump and his wife Elisa Yao welcomed their first child into the world -- a baby boy named Declan. Now, FOB has released the video for their single, "Centuries."

In keeping with the epic nature of the song's title and lyrics, the video for "Centuries" finds the members of FOB appearing as gladiators in ancient Rome, facing their own "David vs. Goliath" situation. Stick around for the end of the video, which features a cameo from rapper Rick Ross.

"Getting back up. Dusting it off. My dad used to tell me the most important part of any of it was getting back up on the horse -- I didn’t grow up on a farm -- but it still applied," says Pete Wentz in a press statement. "David vs. Goliath, us vs. them, you vs. the world… brains, talent and luck are great but heart will always trump them. That is the sentiment of this video.”

"Centuries" is the first single off of FOB's next album, which has been shrouded in secrecy. You can view the video for "Centuries" on the band's YouTube page.

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