Foo Fighters Hint at a European Season of “Sonic Highways”

Roswell Records/RCA RecordsWhen talking about his band's documentary series Sonic Highways, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl said he wanted it to represent the musical history of America. If there were to be a second season of the series, the band thinks they may explore an entirely different area of the globe: Europe. Drummer Taylor Hawkins in particular is extremely passionate about the recording studios in Europe.

"There used to be one in Munich where Queen recorded a bunch and ELO recorded a bunch, [The Rolling] Stones, [Led] Zeppelin, it was called Musicland Studios," Hawkins tells Billboard. "They're hallowed ground, I think they're churches, man."

Grohl also has a few ideas of where they could visit in season two.

"If we went to somewhere like Abbey Road it'd be fun to interview someone like Paul McCartney or [producer] George Martin, that'd be kind of cool," he says. "Or go to say, Berlin, and interview someone like David Bowie or Iggy [Pop]."

"Perhaps we could go to Melbourne wherever they made all those AC/DC records and interview [producer] George Young," guitarist Chris Shiflett adds.

Meanwhile, the first season of Sonic Highways will be released on Blu-ray/DVD on April 7. The release will include bonus footage and extended interviews.

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