Get ready to “Move” with Saint Motel on their tour with Panic! at the Disco

Credit: Jabari JacobsSaint Motel is currently touring arenas across North America opening for Panic! at the Disco. In playing some of the biggest venues of their career, the Los Angeles band knew they needed to shake up their setlist.

"We sort of picked some of the songs that we thought would be most appropriate for the arena setting," guitarist Aaron Sharp tells ABC Radio. "So I think that was one thing that we did to prepare for the switch from a headline club date to a 15,000 seater."

One of those songs is, naturally, "Move," the lead single from Saint Motel's latest album, saintmotelevision. While "Move" is a relatively simple song, recording it in the studio was a challenge for the band.

"It was one of the tougher ones to tackle production-wise, 'cause it's kind of a weird mix of things," frontman A/J Jackson explains. "It's got hip-hop beats, and kinda like a whole Western kinda backing slower verse vocals. It's a lot a stuff going on in that song. For such a basic song, it's pretty heavy on production."

Even with the unique production, the band feels that "Move," along with the rest of saintmotelevision, has made a smooth transition to the live setting, especially the "head, shoulders, knees, toes" bit in "Move."

"I usually pantomime the 'head, shoulders, knees, toes' part, and then get the audience to do it with me," says Jackson. "And it seems like in these arenas they've been pretty open to it."

"Gotta be careful when you're on an upper upper upper balcony that you don't head, shoulders, knees and toes over the rail and fall onto your head, shoulders, knees, toes and a**," he adds.

Saint Motel's tour with Panic! at the Disco concludes April 15 in Sunrise, Florida.

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