Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds Is Looking Forward to Food, Family and Poetry on Thanksgiving

ABC/Richard HarbaughEver since his band took off, Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds has spent a lot of his life on the road, including during many holidays. This year, though, Reynolds will be spending Thanksgiving at home, and he's looking forward to "some good food" and "some time with family."

"I've been on the road for the last seven years of my life," he tells ABC Radio. "So to be home with family for Thanksgiving is a first for me in years."

Reynolds also is excited to take part in his family's tradition of writing poems on Thanksgiving.

"You pick up your plate and it's a certain kind [of poem.] You get, like, free verse, for instance, and then that's the kind of poem you have to write," he explains. "Or, you know, a soliloquy, or whatever it is, and you have to write a certain style of poem about whatever you want."

"I hated it when I was younger," Reynolds adds. "And now I'm looking forward to it, 'cause I haven't done it in many years."

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